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We are available six days a week to receive your inquiries or requests and will work quickly to provide services for your business. We work for you, so we’re here when you need us (even on the weekends)

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We are committed to providing you with services and opportunities that will enhance your ability to grow your business and provide quality outcomes for your clients.

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Contracting means we’re here when you need us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t develop a relationship. Our team will work to create an account for you in our database with all relevant information so that we can be sure we are ready when you call.

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Hi, I’m Kyle! My job is to provide our clients with services that facilitate meaningful opportunities for them to grow and expand their business. Our goal and my commitments are to provide you with an increased capability to service your clients and grow your business, all while providing a customer service that embodies respect and understanding for all people (and their pets). Come see us, we would love to chat.

Kyle Kocks, Owner


What We Offer

Residential Mangement

We offer contracting services catered to those investing in single or multi-family rental properties that will help you free up time and avoid the stress of late-night calls.

Commercial Management

We have experience working with commercial complexes to provide on-site services and resources for your clients.

Custom Contracting

Have something else in mind? Feel free to reach out and let us know how we can help create capabilities for your business.


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